Engage: Park Advocacy

The following activities are crucial steps in our advocacy work in Franklin Park. These efforts represent sustained efforts on behalf of the Franklin Park Coalition’s members. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates and opportunities to be engaged, or donate and join as a member to support efforts as your park advocate.

Current Activities

1. Shattuck Campus Planning

See more info about our advocacy brief and community meeting #3.

  • Franklin Park Coalition is sitting on the Shattuck Campus Community Advisory Board, which meets every other month for approx 12 months.
  • Shattuck Campus Proposed Supportive Housing was a lease proposal presented by the Division of Asset Management to their board in Spring 2018, for 2 acres of the site. It has now been tabled for a vote until the entire campus plan process is completed, but remains a major planning element for the Commonwealth of the use of the site.

2. Franklin Park Master Planning Process

In exciting news, $28 million dollars was approved by the city council for Franklin Park improvements on Wed. October 17, 2018, from the sale of the Winthrop Square garage to fund improvements from the Master Planning process! Of this $5 million is put into a trust fund that FPC will be able to help determine the allocation of its spending on park programs & maintenance. We will also sat on the RFP review committee and interviewed prospective firms.

Additional Information:

  • The Master Planning Firm was announced!
    Welcome to a great team: Landscape architects Reed Hilderbrand working in collaboration with Agency Landscape + Planning of Cambridge and MASS Design Group of Boston. Supporting consultants include Nitsch Engineering, Applied Ecological Services, ETM Associates, and ARUP as well as subject matter specialists Stephen Gray, Ethan Carr, Julie Africa, and others.

  • The Master Plan RFP was released on Monday, Sept. 24, 2018.
  • City Budget Allocation for Master Plan
  • View the recording of the Ways & Means Committee hearing on surplus Property Disposition Fund allocation.
  • A video clip of Franklin Park Coalition’s testimony is below. We supported this funding allocation for much-needed capital improvements but also emphasized that expanding programming support at Franklin Park is a crucial equity issue.

3. Park Improvements

4. JP/ROX Transportation Action Plan

Previous Efforts

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