Getting Permits for Your Group’s Activities!

If you’d like to reserve an area of the park for a family picnic, a softball game, a fundraising walk, a school field day, a 5K run, ultimate frisbee, or another activity, you can request specific areas with a special event or an athletic permit. The Boston Parks Department issues the permit. You can reach them directly at 617-635-4505.

Here’s how to apply:

  • Visit the Parks Department Online Reservation page, found here
  • Click what type of event you are hosting
  • Find the location in the park if you’re not sure what area you can reserve (see below)
  • Follow the on-site instructions

If you have any issues, you can reach the Parks Department directly at 617-635-4505.

The special event permit application deadline is posted as March 1st, but the Parks Department will continue to accept applications through the year. Don’t let the deadline deter you!

Boston Public School teams get first priority for fields and courts, then Boston-based youth leagues, then adult leagues. Athletic permit applications are technically due February 1st, but if fields are not booked applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

Franklin Park is the only city park where you are allowed to barbecue, but you must bring your own grill and supplies. Look for red barrel at picnic sites to dispose of hot coals.

Do you need a permit?

Most events of 50 people or more require a parks permit. If you want to be sure the spot is reserved for your group, you should get a permit. If you have any complicated components – a bounce house, amplified sound, or need to drive a car off the main road, you definitely need a permit.

Park Permit Locations

Park Permit Locations:

Click on links for more information about sites.

Special Events: family picnics and reunions, birthday parties, etc.

Youth & Adult Athletic Facilities: baseball, basketball & tennis

  • Playstead softball/baseball fields (2)
  • Ellicottdale softball/baseball field
  • Shattuck Grove tennis courts
  • Playstead tennis courts
  • Stadium basketball courts
  • Playstead cricket pitch
  • Playstead informal frisbee, soccer, football – large field without goal posts and striping for these sports.

For White Stadium use, please contact the Boston Public Schools Athletic Department: 617-635-9162

For the Golf Course & Clubhouse reservations, call: 617-265-4084