Bicycling Directions

You can “rent” a hubway bike in two Roxbury locations: Dudley Square and Roxbury Crossing T stop. It’s about a 20 minute ride to the park, along the Southwest Corridor bike path or through Roxbury’s historic neighborhoods.
Franklin Park’s bicycle paths are great places to learn to ride a bike with no traffic or automobile interference. Try the wide, flat Playstead Road behind the Zoo, next to the Stadium or the golf course loop path near American Legion Highway.

Bike Entrances From Dorchester

  • American Legion Highway across from Franklin Hill – this puts you on the 2.5 mile paved loop path around the golf course. If you ride to the right after entering, you’ll come to the Golf Clubhouse (where you’ll find the only bike racks in the park). The Clubhouse driveway leads to the main park road. There are newly painted bike lanes running the full length of the park road.
  • Corner of American Legion & Blue Hill Ave – a stone dust path leads you to the golf course loop path. A local carpenter who bikes this way has installed a small wooden bridge over the cobblestone gutter where the two paths meet for a smoother ride.

Bike Entrances From Grove Hall

  • Columbia Road & Blue Hill – you can ride in the main park road entrance which is more bicycle friendly with the new bike lanes on either side of the road.
  • Seaver Street and Elm Hill Ave or Humboldt Ave – Both entrances put you on paved paths and are a good way to reach the rear entrance of the Zoo, the Playstead ballfields, the old bear cages, basketball and tennis courts, and White Stadium.

Bike Entrances From Egleston Square

  • Seaver / Walnut / Columbus corner – there are stairs here, so ride down Walnut Ave with the park on your left and enter just before El Parquesito de Hermandad, the playground. You’ll be on a wide, paved path with White Stadium right in front of you.
  • Walnut Ave at the top of Montebello, Park Lane, and Peter Parley – the main Stadium entrance is here with a large parking lot and hopefully bike racks in the near future.

Bike Entrances From Jamaica Plain

  • Williams Street Entrance – it’s uphill from JP into the park, but this is the least steep route. If you’re on the Southwest Corridor, turn off at English High School, go left on McBride which becomes Williams Street after you cross Washington Street at Doyle’s pub. Stay straight on Williams and you’ll cross Forest Hills Street at the end and go into the park.
  • Glen Road Entrance – from the Green Street T station and SW Corridor park, turn onto Green (away from Centre St) and bike across Amory Street and Washington Street, stay straight and go up the steep hill, through a residential neighborhood, till you dead end in the park.

Bike Entrances From Forest Hills

  • Ride along the Arborway until you get to the traffic circle in front of the park. 2/3 of the way around, you can enter the park on the main road. If you go farther around the traffic circle and take the first right after the main park road, you can ride down to the Williams Street entrance – a much nicer experience than riding on the main road!

Note that bicycling is not allowed on ALL the paved paths in Franklin Park, just those wide enough to share with walkers. Look for stencils on the pavement to see where you can bike and where you should get off your bike to protect everyone’s safety. Please wear a helmet when you ride.