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FPC membership ranks continue to grow. The generosity of park neighbors, philanthropic foundations and corporations astounds us. Be a part of this growing movement.

You can donate online through the Giving Common. Or you can mail your tax-deductible membership to:

Franklin Park Coalition
P.O. Box 302333
Boston, MA 02130

By joining the Franklin Park Coalition, you’ll not just be strengthening a park, you’ll be strengthening a community.

Membership Levels


  • Wild Aster – $5
  • Red Maple – $25
  • Flowering Dogwood – $50
  • White Pine – $100
  • Mighty Oak – $500 and up

Corporate Membership:

  • Hickory Stand – $500
  • Beech Grove – $1,000
  • Red Oak Canopy – $2,500
  • Evergreen Forest – $5,000

Membership donations can go directly to park projects that are important to park users, but may not attract resources from foundations or the city. These “unrestricted” dollars are critical to supporting park programs and restoration activities that you, as members, want to see in your park. Even more important, members bring clout. As our members grow, city leaders and environmental funders pay attention.

Your donations will help save the park’s forest, expose young people to the park’s wonders, and bring concerts to park audiences. Whether you donate $5 or $500, we thank you for supporting work to improve Boston’s largest greenspace. Your donation will make you a member of the Franklin Park Coalition. The more members, the more power we have to fight for park improvements!

Here’s what your donation means for park stewardship:

  • $15 buys a hand tool for woodlands stewardship
  • $25 helps us plant 2 trees
  • $50 supports a day of work by a teen on the FPC conservation crew
  • $100 prepares one acre of soil for replanting
  • $200 buys a weed wrench to pull invasive buckthorn trees
  • $750 covers the cost of a morning children’s show at the Elma Lewis Playhouse in the Park.
  • $3,000 pays for the artist and tech production at an evening headliner at the Playhouse.

Thank you for your support!

Crew boys clearing stump

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