Valley Gates Parking Lot (map: Circuit Drive & Glen Lane)
  • Midway along Circuit Drive, across from the golf course. Use for the Elma Lewis Playhouse in the Park, volunteer days, and sports and festivals held on the Playstead.
Franklin Park Zoo (map: Blue Hill Ave & Columbia Road)
  • Park in the circle in front of the main entrance next to Blue Hill Avenue or in the “Sausage Lot”(on right) just down from the circle going further into the park. Or use the Playstead parking lot adjacent to the rear entrance to the Zoo – take fork midway along the park road leading to the “Giraffe Entrance”
Shattuck Picnic Grove (map: Forest Hills and Circuit Drives)
  • Park along the road marked “Maintenance Yard” next to the Shattuck Hospital. Do not park in the Shattuck Lot, it is for staff and visitors to the hospital.
Golf Course and Walking Loop (map: One Circuit Drive)
  • Park in lot in front of the Golf Clubhouse.
Humboldt Ave & Seaver St Lot (map)
  • Parking lot is not always open; used on Saturdays exclusively by the church across the street.
White Stadium Lot (map: Walnut Ave & Park Lane)
  • Walnut Avenue, across from Park Lane in Jamaica Plain, a few blocks in from intersection of Walnut with Columbus Ave/Seaver St.; parking lot is open during weekday business hours and for special events.
American Legion Highway Entrance (map)
  • There are a few spaces in front of the park entrance across from Franklin Hill.
Glen Road Entrance (map)
  • There are a few spaces where the road dead ends at the park entrance. Dog walkers like to park here and use the Wilderness trails.
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