MBTA Directions

The MBTA website has schedules, maps and route planning help.

TRAIN – Orange Line to Glen Road Entrance in JP:

Orange Line to Green Street stop, exit out front doors of station and walk right on Green Street. Cross Amory Street at the light, stay straight, cross Washington Street at the light (Green becomes Glen Road), continue up the hill past houses till Glen Road dead ends in the park. Walk into the park along paved path – when it ends you can:

1) Bear to left for the Overlook stone ruins and further along White Stadium.

2) Bear to the right to go to the Elma Lewis Playhouse in the Park, the back entrance of the Zoo, the Playstead for sports and the festivals, or Circuit Drive-the main park road.

3) From Circuit Drive you can walk to the right to reach Valley Gates Parking Lot and the Shattuck Hospital OR go to the left for  the golf course walking loop that leads to the Golf Clubhouse.

BUS – along Circuit Drive (main road through the park):

The #16 bus runs between the Andrew T stop on the Red Line (through Uphams Corner and along Columbia Road) and Forest Hills Station on the Orange Line and stops at the main park entrance on Blue Hill Avenue (by the front of the Zoo and close to the Golf Clubhouse). Inside the park it stops midway along the park road at Valley Gates Parking Lot (for Playhouse in the Park and park volunteer days) and the fork leading to the back entrance of the Zoo. It also stops across from the Shattuck Hospital.

Buses to Seaver Street & Humboldt Ave or Seaver & Elm Hill Ave Entrances:

Click on the Bus number for schedules and stops: #22#29#44 stop here. Other buses go around the perimeter of the park, coming from different directions: #31#14#29#42#44.


Take commuter trains to Back Bay or North Station. From there take the Orange Line Subway Train to Forest Hills Station. Board the #16 bus (see above) Or, you may take a short cab ride from Forest Hills. (About 1 mile to the golf clubhouse by taxi.)

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