Our Board of Directors

Board 2013

FPC’s community board members (click on our names to read about us):

  • Corey Allen —————— Executive Director
  • Sandy Bailey —————-  Vice President
  • Linda Marshall-Bibby * —  Director
  • Blair Campbell ————-  Treasurer
  • Mike Carpentier * ———- Secretary
  • Jay A. Lee ——————- Director
  • Emily Lowenberg * ——–  Director
  • Debbie Munson ————  Director
  • Rickie Thompson ———-  President

* Welcome to our newest board members

Contact us: mail@franklinparkcoalition.org

Board Descriptions (in alphabetical order):

Corey Allen

I am a lifelong resident of Boston, born, raised and currently residing in Mattapan, Massachusetts. I first fell in love with the park as a passerby, each time I would ride up American Legion Highway and then Blue Hill Avenue, I’d admire the large trees and open space that the park offered. Since then, I have practiced and played football in the park, flown a kite and bonded with community members in this historic space. I am currently the Community Liaison at TechBoston Academy, a 6-12 pilot school in Dorchester where I previously taught English and tutored. I am also involved in community affairs in Mattapan. I am humbled to be a part of this group and look forward to carrying on the tradition of Elma Lewis and all friends of Franklin Park.

Gladys Atkinson

I was born in St. Vincent in the Caribbean, but moved to Boston when I was ten and have been here for 30 years, always living in park neighborhoods. I am currently reside in Dorchester near Blue Hill Avenue & Morton Street. I have five children and want all of them to know and appreciate Franklin Park and what it has to offer our community. My husband and I own three different herbal stores – in Mattapan, Dorchester, and Dudley Square. I am working on my bachelor’s degree at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy and am a long time employee at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. I am excited to incorporate new, bright ideas to help the park be more family-oriented. I want families in our community to be comfortable using the park.

Sandy Bailey, Vice-President

I recently moved to Roslindale after many years in Jamaica Plain. I have a special connection with Franklin Park from years as a member of the Coalition and from walking in the park in all seasons and weather.  In the 1970s and 80s I was part of the effort in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury to block the state from leveling homes and building I-95 through our neighborhoods.  Franklin Park has been a special place to me for years as an amazingly diverse landscape that attracts people from all of its neighboring communities. I have been a longtime member of the Coalition because of its central role in providing leadership for the varied constituencies who use and care for the park.  I am about to retire as an attorney and look forward to having more time to take a significant role in protecting and advocating for this very special park.

Blair Campbell

I live in Dorchester on Waumbeck Street off of Humboldt Ave. The house I own was originally purchased in 1945 by my grandparents and has been in the family ever since. I am a lifelong resident of Boston and Dorchester, a former Metco student from Brookline and graduated from Boston University. Having lived in the area all of my life I have a long history and affection for Franklin Park; I have many memories of riding my bike as a child, exploring, kite festivals, Caribbean festivals and even watched the New England Patriots play once at White Stadium when they had no permanent home. I work for the North American headquarters for a global company called Sappi Fine Paper (South African Pulp and Paper Industry). Although involved in the harvesting of trees, Sappi has developed strong corporate governance around our sustainability efforts only using sustainably harvested wood. I have a strong commitment to community, and am a member of Garrison Trotter Neighborhood Association, Roxbury Hills Association (creation of Crawford Park), a board member of ROCC “Raising our Children’s Children” (grandparents advocacy group), and President of Sappi’s employee and community relations committee, known as CERC. I look forward to having the opportunity to play a role in the preservation and future development of Franklin Park and the surrounding area.

 Mike Carpentier

I moved to Boston in 2006 with my wife, Dana, after growing up in rural Central New York. We found our home in Roxbury’s Grove Hall in 2009. A major factor in choosing our neighborhood was the close proximity to beautiful Franklin Park.  In 2014, I had the privilege of running the Boston Marathon and raising donations in support of the FPC. While in college at Cornell, I spent my summers supervising a work crew of 14-16 year olds maintaining public parks and hiking trails in Delaware County, NY. I am currently an attorney at Electric Insurance in Beverly, and serve as president of a local nonprofit men’s baseball league in Boston. I love Franklin Park, sitting at the crossroads of neighborhoods, and what it provides now, and will continue to provide in the future, to our community. I look forward to helping the Franklin Park Coalition obtain its visions for maintaining and improving the park.

Vicma Lamarche

I’ve lived in Boston ever since I moved to Massachusetts 17 years ago. Having attended John D. O’Bryant High School and Wentworth Institute of Technology, I have a strong sense of gratitude for this amazing city. My earliest memory of Franklin Park is taking my nephew to the Zoo when I lived in Dorchester and thinking how great it was to have a Zoo in my backyard!  I am now living in West Roxbury; I am married with two children, ages 4 and 1, who love going to the Zoo. Last year, I attended a Playhouse concert at Franklin Park with my family for the first time, and was amazed at how many families were in attendance, and how wonderful it felt to bond with the people in my community. I hope to involve my family in these types of community activities at Franklin Park.  I am also an Ambassador of the Boston chapter of Black Girls Run.  Franklin Park has provided us with a central location to meet and engage in our weekly group runs.  As a board member, I look forward to supporting the growth of our community park for years to come.

Jay A. Lee

I moved to Jamaica Plain and the Egleston Square Neighborhood in 2003 but have lived in the Boston Area since 1992.  As an avid cyclist and inline skater, I find myself spending a lot of time in all the parks and open spaces in the city.  Growing up in Charlotte and Atlanta, the great variety of open space and outdoor activities is what has kept me living here and enjoying this great city.  It’s great being involved with one of Olmsted’s greatest parks.

Linda Marshall Bibby

I have lived in the Egleston neighborhood for five years, but have been a regular park user since childhood. I brought my children to Franklin Park to the Zoo, the Kite Festival, Juneteenth, and sometimes the West Indian Carnival. I have accessed the park most of my life, enjoying walking, playing tennis, and participating in summer line dancing! I’d like Franklin Park to stay family oriented. I think it’s important to offer community days and free activities. I hope the Coalition will always address public safety in the park, especially noise reduction and the motor bikes.

Leslie Moore, President

For nearly a decade, I’ve lived with a group of community minded folks near the Franklin Park-Wales St. entrance. I work with young people everyday and currently serve as the Director of Youth Programs for Federated Dorchester Neighborhood Houses Inc. One of my biggest hopes for myself, the young people I work with and my community is for there to be greater awareness of the many blessings and resources we already have. Having come from a small town in the desert separating California & Arizona where trees are sparse and the temperature gets to 120 degrees on summer days, it has been easy for me to see Franklin Park as the incredible resource it is.

 Anita Morson-Matra

I was born in Boston but spent my formative years in Central Florida. I came back home to the Boston Metro area 15 years ago at which time I thrust myself into the world of local health and wellness initiatives with a particular emphasis on communities of color. I am deeply committed to engaging communities in the identification of effective approaches in the implementation of policies and initiatives that support safe and equitable access to open space, transportation, and healthy food. I am passionate in my advocacy for planning improvements to the built environment as a way to increase and maintain health. My affinity for parks and open spaces harkens back to family trips to Boston growing up at which time I would always find myself visiting parks throughout the city. Franklin Park has and continues to be a cherished space to me.

Debbie Munson

I’ve lived in Dorchester for eight years and feel so lucky to be a scant mile from the park.  I previously lived in rural areas and was an avid hiker.  Having the park as a green respite as part of my commute and for fun has helped me finally learn to love and prefer city life. I’ve always been interested in trees and wildflowers, and have worked on wetlands and invasive species programs for Mass Audubon.  From that perspective I see both much to be grateful for and much potential in the natural areas of the park. I want to find ways to help others appreciate the park’s wooded areas. I’ve learned a bit about Olmsted’s vision and strategies for creating parks not only as natural and open space, but as places designed to foster thriving community and culture.  I look forward to being a part of the Franklin Park Coalition’s admirable work, not only to improve the physical park, but to foster the enjoyment of the outdoors by everyone who visits.


Rickie Thompson, Treasurer

I grew up using Franklin Park and some of my best memories are of the early Playhouse in the Park days. I remember the big concerts at White Stadium – Sly and the Family Stone, Earth, Wind & Fire, Richard Pryor – it was amazing who we saw there. I also ran track at White Stadium and always went to the Kite Festival and the West Indian Carnival. Today, I walk in the park a lot for exercise and I always see people I know. I almost never miss a Playhouse show. I’m a math teacher at the Jeremiah Burke High School in Grove Hall and a local real estate broker. I live in Hyde Park.

Carleen Tucker

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York spending time in Prospect Park and Grand Army Plaza. My husband, who was born and raised in Roxbury,  introduced me to Franklin Park at a family picnic on July 4th, which has turned into an annual 4th of July gathering with our friends. I have heard so many stories about going to concerts in the park and the Kite Festival from my husband, how could I not pass this on to our children?   I enjoy running and taking our children to Franklin Park and the Zoo. Franklin Park helps me give my children access to green space and community, just like I had growing up in Brooklyn and their father had in Roxbury.  When the opportunity presented itself for me to run the marathon and fundraise, there was no doubt in my mind that I would run in support of FPC. It gave me an opportunity to give back to our community. I live in Hyde Park with my husband Marc and our four children Taj, Maxwell, Jackson and Brooklyn.

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